GODpillow enhances your Power of Prayer

Some of us are just beginning to explore who God is and how He can fit into their lives. Others have been walking with God for a long time.

Wherever you are in your journey GODpillow is there to inspire daily devotion, comfort you in your time of need and strengthen your Spiritual Path.

GODpillow is your choice to achieve Inner Peace

GODpillow is a gentle reminder for meditation that allows one to find the silence that’s already present, ultimately making it a part of your daily life.

Meditation opens the door to greater compassion and fulfillment that effectively increases the body’s healing potential.

GODpillow illuminates your Personal Reflection

Some of us are just beginning to explore who God is and how He can fit into their lives. Others have been walking with God for a long time.

This Inspirational Pillow will provide positive encouragement through out your day. A gift for all ages and occasions.


We are a small Boutique business that is growing with every order. All GODpillows are made with love and intention and are handcrafted. In most instances, in a perfect world we can fulfill your order within 2 weeks or less.

Welcome to GODpillow

Some people have asked what is a GODpillow? Well the answer is simple, it is BOTH a prayer kneeler and a meditation bench. The reason why I have two different categories is simple, people identify differently to both of those intentions. To me, I am not attached to the posture of kneeling or sitting in meditation – what is important is the ability to be still. In order for me to be still, I must be comfortable, AND the reason to be still? To hear God speak….hence the GODpillow. Also note: Inspirations may differ in those Prayer categories, and those of Meditation Categories…check out both!

Now the Inspirational Pillow is a throw pillow with embroidered messages- which evolved for those who do not, or will not kneel in prayer or sit in meditation . For me the pillow is a mental door opener – it allows one to order to read it..who knows where that intention will lead…maybe a prayer or a moment of contemplation.

So browse around, get involved in prayer and mediations, and feel the transformation. Share your story we are anxious to hear the healing that happens.

*GODpillow is a GOD-CENTERED and is not affiliated with any sect, denomination or organization



I purchased a purple Manifest/Namaste pillow and a prayer/meditation bench today at the Valley Forge Mind Body Spirit Expo. I am sitting on the “Abundance” Bench now writing to you on my laptop and looking at my pillow. I love these items and I can’t wait for my fellow yoga Teacher friends to see them this week when they come to my house and practice.

Christa S – Wilimngton DE

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Imagine being able to display an encouraging messages on a comfortable handmade pillow-whether at home or at work


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